Helvegr LP


Side A:
1. Iron Beast 03:37
2. Prestehammeren 04:00
3. Surtr 06:59
4. Gamle-Erik 03:46
5. Chaos Fiend 04:01


Side A:
6. Gods of Black Blood 05:19
7. Helvegr 07:36
8. Faenskap og Død 03:07
9. Hvit Død 02:50


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TSJUDER is emerging with a brand-new full-length opus for the first time since 2015!

Featuring a renewed lineup with drum master Jon “The Charn” Rice holding down the throne, Helvegr is an authentic display of the true Norwegian black metal sound that Tsjuder helped define in the 90s.

With this blistering aural assault, the band is certain to conquer 2023 with blasphemy and blast beats!

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